All photography provided by Nicholas Mayer and Kati Chew

A diverse musician, Cleveland-based guitarist, songwriter, and saxophonist Erika Nalow has appeared in a wide variety of ensembles from a vocal group at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum to a classical guitar trio at the annual Mid-America Classical Guitar Ensemble Festival.  An enthusiast of all types of music, Erika has used her diverse musical taste and abilities to perform in a variety of venues, from pit orchestras at Rabbit Run Theater and Willoughby Fine Arts Center to the Bop Stop in Cleveland to local wineries and eateries around the Northern Ohio area.          

Beginning her studies in music at the age of six, Erika Nalow has always had a bit of a unique musical personality.  Her early inspirations included bands as diverse as the Barenaked Ladies, The Beatles, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.  However, during her private study, Ms. Nalow worked and developed more broad musical tastes and skills, training mainly in classical guitar technique.  Later on, wanting to broaden her musical horizons, she began studying privately on alto saxophone in the studio of the late Joe Acerra, where she earned a Class I Superior Rating performing the Creston Sonata at the age of 15.  Additionally, Ms. Nalow has been the recipient of several awards throughout her study of music, such as the Maestro Award at the Chicago Heritage Music Festival and the Music Talent Award at Bowling Green State University. 

Erika Nalow is currently completing two undergraduate degrees in Jazz Studies on alto saxophone and Guitar Performance at Bowling Green State University, where she is also enrolled in the Honors College.  She has studied privately with artists such as Chris Buzzelli, Ariel Kasler, David Bixler, Pete Mills, Dan Wilson, Dave Sterner, and Brian Kozak.  Additionally, Erika Nalow has performed in master classes with artists as diverse as Tim Hagans, Gary Smulyan, Howard Alden, Ernie Krivda, Loren Stillman, and Dominick Farinacci. She is an instructor of guitar at both the Studio Connection and Black Swamp Fine Arts in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Upcoming projects include recording a small EP record of her original songs.  

Hallelujah! Sing to God a brand-new song, praise him in the company of all who love him.
— Psalm 149: 1
Photo courtesy of Nick Mayer

Photo courtesy of Nick Mayer